Family Man Trading started out with just one guy learning about the stock market and candlestick formations. Over time this weird word called “forex” kept bouncing around as studying the markets continued.

I was curious about forex and why it kept popping up when I’d be researching stocks. Eventually I found myself reading books, watching YouTube videos, and spending countless hours staring at price charts. I stumbled upon TradingView.com and became even more interested as they created their own coding language, Pine Script. This script allowed people to create their own indicators and scripts to be used on their charts. I quickly found myself learning pine script and of course spending more countless hours in front of the charts.

By now I had been running a demo account, learning the ins and outs of how to trade. Forex had captured all of my attention and I had put stocks clear out of my mind. I purchased a few more books and got serious about my investing. I enrolled in a few online courses and learned even more.

I programmed more and more indicators and strategy testing scripts and began learning how to fine tune different setups and realized I was eating and breathing Forex. Every day I’d spend 3 to 4 hours after work studying, studying, and studying.

I programmed a number of indicators for different people and companies, and learned a lot about different ways to trade. There are plenty of good ways, and PLENTY of bad ways. Now I’ve formed this site. A collective work of my fondest strategies brought to you by the likes of Amazon best-seller and YouTube extraordinaire Jim Brown, the team over at We Are Blue FX, the Cryptic Geometries in Markets team, and myself.

In this website you will find community, trading systems, courses to further your trading knowledge, and links to other great resources. Have a look around, and thanks for visiting.

Visit the COURSES to find The X Factor trading strategy, and the WELCOME course to show you more about who my team is. If you’re interested in other strategies as well, take a look at the menu to find Jim Brown’s Trading Strategies, the “Method” indicator, and the Blue FX strategy.

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